10 fun photos popular on Twitter Japan


Whether on Twitter or Facebook, of all the things that pass through our social feeds, perhaps nothing gets more attention than photos. But of course really fun photos can be rare or hard to find. But in Japan there is a web service called Twicolle.com that lets you to discover popular photos from Twitter in a snap.

According to a survey conducted by ICT, Twitter is still very popular among the many communication services available in Japan. It ranked third following Line and Facebook as the most frequently used communication services. Twitter also nabbed first place for customer satisfaction among major social networks.

Let’s take a quick look to see what Japanese netizens are finding most interesting on Twitter right now.

A chalk drawing on a blackboard.

The truth about My Melody, the popular Sanrio character.

A digest manga of a popular NHK TV show.  

6000-year-old skeleton couple found in Iran.

Strawberry-flavored ramen noodles found in Aomori prefecture.  

Dog: “I was taking a nap and it started raining.”

What if there was an “I don’t give a shit” button on Twitter?  

A truck in a little trouble.

How many squares can you find? If you can find more than 40, you belong at an Apple job interview.

I opened some maccha ice cream and I found— LoL.