Kaocole Palette: Add your favorite emoji from within any app



Emoji and emoticons have always been a big part of Japanese texting culture. It’s not just for texting, but they’re wildly popular on all kinds of social networks including Twitter, 2ch, and others. We previously mentioned a number of apps that provide emoji. But here’s a new one called Kaocole Palette which was just released July 12. We think it’s pretty great.


Kaocole Palette is a list of cute emoji sorted by situation and ranking. The app’s user interface is simple, letting you save your favorite emoji as well. It has been released on iOS as Kaocole and Kaocole Mew, and has been downloaded over 700,000 times to date.

What’s unique about this particular app is that it runs in the background, and by sliding your finger from right to left on your screen, you can access your list of emoji at anytime, no matter what app you’re in. The common process for most emoji apps requires you to close your current app and open another in order to paste. But the Kaocole app has successfully removed this troublesome step, and users are responding positively in their reviews over on Google Play (currently with a 4.6 average rating).

The app was created by the same company behind the unique photo sharing app Bokete. That company, Halo, claims that this sort of sliding feature for emoji is first of its kind in the world.

Kaocole Palette is free to download on Google Play if you’d like to try it out for yourself.