Talking with Japanese indie developer SummerTime Studios at Tokyo Game Show [Video]


Earlier this month we stumbled across Ancient Surfer a gem of a Japanese indie developer, SummerTime Studio based out of Okinawa. So I suppose I should not have been surprised to see them turn up in the indie section of the Tokyo Game Show 2013, which kicked off today.

Ancient Surfer currently tops the iOS sports category in 11 countries

But I was surprised. Very pleasantly so, in fact. We rarely get a chance to mention any companies based out of Okinawa. And to see Ancient Surfer doing so well right now is especially good to see.

We spoke with the company’s president, Hirotsu Takeyasu, who told us that Ancient Surfer has surpassed 500,000 downloads globally. As we look at the app rankings right now, we can see that it tops the iOS sports category in 11 countries, mostly around Asia.

SummerTime Studio was founded back in 2011, and to date has made eight apps of their own, as well as many more for clients. They will be exhibiting in the quiet indie corner of the Tokyo Game Show for the next few days, so be sure not to miss them.

If you haven’t tried Ancient Surfer yet, check out our demo video below. Or pick it up for free over on the App Store or from Google Play.

Big thanks to my colleague Yukari Mistuhashi, who conducted a number of fun interviews today, including the one above.