Mixi Marketing launches a new mobile monetization platform



Mixi Marketing recently announced the release of a new mobile monetization platform called Coudec. The platform displays advertisements, including coupons, to targeted consumers at the most effective times. At the time of launch, popular mobile apps such as CocoPPa (whose progress we have closely covered) and Mixi’s own mobile app (with a total of over 30 million downloads) have deployed Coudec.

Coudec uses a pay-for-performance model, allowing advertisers to display their ads at the most engaging moment when users are in certain apps. Mobile app developers can use Coudec on top of the advertising networks already in use, since Coudec only displays ads at a selected time, giving developers an extra source of income.

Mixi went through big organizational changes back in May when the former CEO stepped down, leaving Yusuke Asakura to steer the company. Mixi Marketing was founded back in July in order to handle advertisements and promotional business for the giant social network, as well as other social marketing campaigns.

The company hopes Coudec can become the largest smartphone app monetization platform by encouraging more apps to participate in the future.