PyCon APAC: Nasty weather doesn’t constrict Pythonistas in Japan


pycon apac 2013

Japan has seen some pretty bad weather this weekend, but that hasn’t stopped many in the Python community from coming out to the fourth annual PyCon APAC. For the previous three years, the event was held in Singapore, so this marks the first time that it has come to Japan, held at the Shinjuku campus of Kougakuin University here in Tokyo.


I had a chance to visit the event on Saturday to check out some of the talks. There were a number of prominent speakers in attendance, from Japan as well as abroad. This included core developer and release manager for Python 3.2 and 3.3, Georg Brandl, who gave the day 1 keynote (see below); and Dropbox’s third employee Rian Hunter who gave the day 2 keynote. And with Monday being a national holiday here in Tokyo today, the extra day for the conference was devoted to development sprints

Speaking as a perpetual beginner programmer, I was pleased to see that the conference had something to offer folks of all levels, and session tracks in English and Japanese. And there were a number of familiar faces from around the tech community lending their support, including sponsors CyberAgent, Rakuten, Google, KLab and others.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to get out to the event – perhaps due to the weather – you can find the talks over on YouTube and I encourage you to check them out.