Voltage makes romantic fantasy into reality at Tokyo Game Show 2013 [Video]

TGS2013 was mostly filled with booth babes, but Voltage had booth boys!

Today was the opening day of the Tokyo Game Show 2013.  At this year’s event we wanted to focus on mobile developers in particular. And given the popularity of love simulation games here in Japan, we were not surprised to find a section dedicated to developers of this genre. Readers might recall that back in May we wrote about one of these games, called ‘Office Secrets’. And the company behind the app, Voltage, was in attendance today, with a very interesting booth.

Voltage has produced over 50 apps in total, all love simulations.

Here visitors could play the popular mobile game, but also take photos with real ‘ikemen’ (Japanese for ‘good-looking’) on a faux wedding ceremony backdrop (pictured above). It took the fantasy of the game made into a reality for fans.

Voltage provides over 50 apps in total, which is a pretty impressive total — even more impressive when you consider that they are all of the love simulation variety. According to reps Mayuko Sugihara and Emiri Okawa, of their many mobile applications, the most popular app is ‘Chikai no kiss wa totsuzenni’ (roughly translated as ‘The Sudden Kiss for a Promise’). With this app, female users can play a role as the main character who is in a fake marriage with a handsome guy.

Chikai no kiss wa totsuzenni is used by a wide-range of women from age 19 to 44, but the most active users are women in their 30s. Many are returning users due to the fact that the romance progresses and gets more interesting as the story moves forward.

Voltage plans to release at least one app per month, with plans to develop similar games that men can enjoy as well.

Check out our interview with Emiri Okawa from Voltage in the video below.