New mobile app lets Japanese restaurants serve tourists in 20 languages



A Hokkaido-based startup recently unveiled its mobile app SekaiMenu, which helps restaurants give readable menus to customers in 20 languages. It supports European and Asian languages including English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai, and lets customers browse a menu and then place an order by scanning a QR code printed on that menu.

The company recently started rolling out their solution, testing it at six restaurants in Sapporo. Founder and CEO Nobuyasu Fukunishi explained a little more about it:

International travelers are rapidly increasing here in the Sapporo area since airline companies added flights from South East Asian regions. And many local restaurants have deployed in-store public wi-fi service for customers as well. Considering that the Tokyo Olympics are coming in 2020, I think we have to provide an environment that helps international visitors enjoy their time here in Sapporo.

The startup aims to help restaurants nationwide provide travelers with service equal to what typical Japanese customers experience. Interestingly, they also plan to provide overseas restaurants this sort of solution to help them better serve Japanese travelers.

via Doshin Web