Japan’s Base Food, nutrition complete food startup, raises $3.7M for US expansion

Image credit: Base Food

Tokyo-based Base Food, developing nutritionally complete food products capable of becoming staple foods named Base Pasta and Base Bread, announced on Monday that it has secured 400 million yen (about $3.7 million US) in a series A round. Participating investors in this round are Rakuten Ventures, XTech Ventures, Global Brain, and several unnamed angel investors. This follows their previous seed round funding from Global Brain back in November of 2017.

With this funding, the startup expects to expand their business globally in partnership with Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten, the parent of Rakuten Ventures. We were told that this effort targets the US market in particular, where two-thirds of their adults and one-third of children overweight or obese and are trying to be more conscious about nutrition and health management.

Base Food is the food-tech startup founded in April of 2016 by Shun Hashimoto, formerly engaged in the autonomous driving business at DeNA and other activities. The company targets those who do not know which nutrients to take, as a complete nutritious food allowing intake of 31 kinds of nutrients just in a single meal. It does not only have functional immediacy, but also provides satisfaction with its delicious taste and can become a staple food.