New lineup of iPhone underwear now available, includes mosaic censor sticker

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Readers may remember that we previously featured Bandai’s wondrous home button protector that comes in the form of smartphone underwear. If you enjoyed that story will be pleased to hear that there is now a second generation of these awesome ‘Smart Pants‘, available in all new styles and colors.

With this new lineup of smartphone underwear, a home button seal is also now included in case your underwear happen to come off (see below). And in true Japanese style, it takes on a pixelated/mosaic style – ostensibly a reference to censored Japanese porn [1].


You can see all the underwear and mosaic stickers over on The banana pattern underwear shows a simple banana instead of a mosaic, which is pretty a humorous touch. There’s also Mount Fuji underwear, just in time to commemorate the mountain becoming an official World Heritage site.

If you’re in Japan, keep an eye out for these new underwear styles at the many Gashapon vending machines throughout the country!

  1. People tell me that Japanese porn is censored in this way, but being completely pure of mind and spirit, I have never actually witnessed this phenomenon first hand.  ↩