Japan’s Line meets 2013 goal of 300M users, wants half billion in 2014



Japan’s Line Corporation, which previously stated that its goal for this year was to hit 300 million users, has just announced that it has met that target as of today. And perhaps even more ambitiously, the company says it wants to hit 500 million by the end of 2014.

Check out the chart of Line’s user growth to date in their chart below.

That 500 million total would put it up among the world’s social big boys, but still trailing Facebook which has over a billion users. China’s WeChat is its primary Asia rival, but that service (in my view) may not have the global appeal that Line has.

Line’s most recent sales figures (for July to September 2013) were up 48% on the previous quarter, with 60% of its sales coming from games, and 20% coming from its stamps business.