Japan’s web access analysis startup User Local raises $2.1 million



This is the abridged version from our original article in Japanese.

Tokyo-based User Local, the Japanese startup that provides big data analysis for website owners, announced today that it has fundraised 260 million yen ($2 million) from YJ Capital and East Ventures. YJ Capital is the investment arm of Yahoo Japan. Use Local will use the funds to enhance its backend infrastructure as well as develop new analysis tools targeting vertical markets, such as Media Insight, which is focused on media sites and was launched on 17 April.

Since its launch in 2007 by former Rakuten engineer Masao Ito, User Local has developed a number of web analytics tools including Nakanohito, Ugokuhito, User Insight, and Social Insight. More than 700 companies in Japan have adopted their analytics tools, while freemium tools like Nakanohito and Ugokuhito have served more than 250,000 websites nationwide. As a result, company analyzes more than 7 billion page views every month.

Ito said the company developed Media Insight because he has been receiving many requests from users, especially from the media industry, that they want to obtain not only traffic analysis for their websites but also involve social media and viral media traffic, with a statistical comparison between their own websites and their competitors’ sites.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by Kurt Hanson