Japan’s Appliv, mobile app discovery platform, expands to India and Singapore



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Tokyo-based Nyle (previously known as Volare) has been providing a mobile app discovery platform called Appliv since 2012. The company announced earlier this month that it will launch Indian and Singaporean versions of the platform during this month.

Nyle unveiled in September that it would start working on the global expansion of the platform. Followed by launch of the platform in Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Kenya and Ireland, the latest addition will allow them to have a presence in nine different markets.

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The platform is now available in English only but localized by country because every country has a different language system and unique market circumstance. In our previous interview with Nyle, they claimed that they were to acquire several million users by this spring. English articles reviewing mobile apps are primarily being prepared by the employees at Nyle Asia Pacific, a Filipino subsidiary founded last year.

According to the statement, Nyle wants to increase the number of review articles to 10,000 in every market by this summer, to achieve the aforementioned milestone by publishing as many review articles as possible.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy