Because business cards just aren’t enough



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We’ve all exchanged name cards while on business or at social events. But a business card can only convey certain information, such as a person’s name, the company they work for, and contact details. tries to tell you even more by sharing experiences in a form of story.

The service was launched by ResuPress Inc. last week. helps you easily write up your background and details of your experience by connecting to Facebook and pulling your history. You can then create your story by entering the projects you’ve been involved in and who you’ve been working with, which will give people a more complete idea of who you are. The service also allows you to read some background information about your friends which you might not have known, potentially letting you find more things you may have in common with them.

With such an abundance of information on the web these days, and with human relationships already complicated enough, the startup thought that many people might have trouble understanding others at times. was launched with the aim of alleviating this problem. They explain:

By helping people with different experiences understand and cooperate with each other, we believe that they can create great ideas to solve various problems.


Sharing information about yourself in this way can be a good way to reboot communications with colleagues or friends.

But at the same time, Japanese people typically don’t disclose their backgrounds under their real names in such a way. So I’m curious whether or not Japanese consumers will go for this kind of service.

The startup was founded by ex-JP Morgan employee James Riney and TIT student Koichiro Wada with a 30 million yen (about $320,000) investment from Incubate Fund, Tokyo-based angel investor Anri Samata, and Hong Kong-based angel investor Teddy Lo.