Quick and easy DIY furniture that can adapt to your workspace



Many of my overseas friends who visit Japan for the first time are fascinated when they see multi-story parking lots. The lack of land and the dense population forces Japan to be creative in how space is used. This is also true of housing and office space. Ofon is a kind of self-assembly furniture from Kokuyo Furniture and design studio Nendo, and is a good example of this sort of idea.

The concept of Ofon is to “Fully enjoy work in a limited space.” The furniture comes in different parts, such as desks, boxes, and cabinets. Depending on the size and shape of the open space at an office, people can combine the various parts to make furniture that fits and is also functional. The design is sort of similar to Muji in taste, very simple and very minimal.

Another neat point about this sort of ‘joiny’ furniture is that the components can be screwed and unscrewed using a regular 500 yen coin. Breaking down the parts is as easy as pushing a button too. It allows office furniture to be moved around and rearraged to modify the work environment, even on a daily basis if you desire.

Ofon comes in a range of colors including woody, plain (white), pop, and bitter (black/grey). They are available for purchase over on the official Ofon website.