Japan’s love of ‘Now’ on Twitter, and the app that ranks top trends



Keyword Now is a very simple website that allows you to find the most talked-about topics in Japan. As Twitter became more popular, people started ending their tweets with the word ’Now’ as a way to express what they are currently up to.

The site crawls the web every hour to find out what’s popular, and lets you see the trends by hour, day, or by week. By tapping on a particular topic, you can further search Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, or find images. You can also see a list of related news articles for a given topic, removing the hassle of searching and finding relavent news yourself.


Keyword Now is interesting in that it reveals that people are still very much influenced by TV and old media. Many of the topics that appear in the app’s trending list comes from TV shows being broadcast. For example, this morning in Tokyo, there was a talk show called Sawako no Asa, or Sawako’s morning. The guest today was well-known violinist Taro Hakase, and his name appears in the top ten hourly rankings.

This one-stop news app is very simple. It can be really handy as a way of keeping up to date on the latest happenings, since the app covers anything from world news to politics to gossip – so you’ll have no shortage of material for chatting at the water cooler at work, for example. I can also imagine people using this app to find topics for the popular curation site Naver Matome .

Keyword Now is available on the web, as well as on iOS.