Line Pokopang is another inexplicably popular puzzler


Line Corporation’s chat platform continues to be an amazing distribution channel for its repertoire of games. The company’s hottest game these days is Line Pokopang, proving popular on both iOS and Android platforms where it is currently the top ranked free app in Japan.

The title is a casual puzzle game, with a very light RPG aspect that challenges you (a cute pink bunny) to defeat enemy monster invaders. It’s a simple match-three game with a one-minute time limit (indicator is on the bottom) to defeat the baddies, with special blocks that you can explode to speed up the process.

Initially released back on May 28th, Pokopang has been doing particularly well on the Android platform in Japan holding now lower than second position overall on Google Play store since June 15th, and ranking as one of the top grossing apps as well. For iOS, Pokopang has been a top ten mainstay since around mid-June, currently ranked as the top free app here in Japan.

The game has been advertised on television over the past week or so, and certainly that has likely contributed to its recent popularity. But I confess, I’m still a little surprised that the game is still doing as well as it is.

I’ve been playing the game a little bit, and while I’m not usually very interested in Line’s casual titles, this one is not so bad – but it most certainly will not be eating into any of my Puzzle & Dragons time. Pokopang is a little pushy in asking you to involve your friends on Line, and I expect that aspect has helped its popularity too.

It is pretty cute too, I suppose.

If you’d like a better idea of how Line Pokopang works, check out our demo video above. To try it for yourself, you can get it as a free download from the App Store or Google Play.

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