AdAsia unveils ad network and management tool, enables programmatic buying for Asia



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AdTech startup AdAsia Holdings (hereafter AdAsia), established in Singapore on April 7, has unveiled its service content. AdAsia has commenced provision of AdAsia Digital Platform capable of programmatic buying (auto-purchasing of advertisement frames based on data) and integrated report management system as well as AdAsia Ad Network which is an ad-network aggregating local media in the Southeast Asian region.

With programmatic buying, finely detailed configuration of target audience for advertisement can be simplified by minimizing labor in the form of human operation as much as possible through linkage with the companies’ own websites, CRM (customer relationship management) or customer loyalty programs. Advertisers do not have to pay advertisement fees arising from visitors who are out of their target or who visits the websites accidentally.

While every ad network such as Google or Facebook requires configuration of distribution conditions, target of advertisement or confirmation of performance reports, AdAsia Digital Platform automates these works in part. By providing services over the AdAsia Digital Platform which has such functions, the firm aims to differentiate AdAsia Ad Network from other conventional ad networks in terms of operational convenience.

AdAsia Digital Platform has realized uniform management of performances over any ad network in addition to AdAsia Ad Network. In the future, a video ad network targeting smart TV viewers will be supported, which is currently in development by the firm.

As of launch date, AdAsia Digital Platform had already been scheduled for implementation in 30 companies including US automakers or major Japanese confectionery makers, and the firm plans to achieve sales of $10 million within 2016.

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy