Japanese AdTech experts to launch video ad network targeting smart TV viewers in Asia

From the left: AdAsia Holdings CEO Kosuke Sogo, COO Otohiko Kozutsumi

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Singapore-based AdAsia Holdings announced today that it has commenced development of advertising solutions targeting Smart TV viewers in Asia. The company says that it will distribute video ads to internet Smart TV viewers subscribed to terrestrial and satellite TV channels in the region.

The new company was founded by two Japanese serial entrepreneurs: Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi. Sogo had been previously serving Southeast Asian subsidiaries of Japanese leading ad network operator MicroAd as CEO. Kozutsumi also served the Vietnamese subsidiary of MicroAd as COO following involvement in the global business expansion efforts of Nobot, a mobile-focused ad network acquired in 2011 by KDDI group company Mediba.

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Both men have been engaged in the Adtech business in Southeast Asia for many years. Given the expanding growth for gross domestic product and ad market in the region, they have found huge opportunities in the Smart TV ad industry where there is still few companies capable of running productive marketing campaigns. Similar to Japan, advertising slots on Asian terrestrial and satellite TV channels are mostly controlled by existing ad agents and local TV operators. However, it can be said that the video ads field for Smart TVs are an exception.

In Japan, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and some other companies have been distributing video ad services for Smart TVs such as Toshiba Regza, Sharp Aquos and Panasonic Viera. But these services have not yet been offered in many parts of the world. Meanwhile, over 200 TV channels are being offered in Korea, Taiwan, China and other Asian countries. The more TV channels on offer, the more the ad inventory and opportunity available… thus the team foresees a huge business opportunity as more viewers in these countries switch to Smart TVs.

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