Colopl’s ‘Quiz RPG’ notches 23M downloads, ‘Slingshot Braves’ off to fast start



Japanese game developer Colopl announced today that its hit mobile game Quiz RPG now has 23 million downloads in Japan. The game is also available in English (see our video demo below), but hasn’t received the attention – nor the promotion – that it has in its home market.

Meanwhile one of the company’s newer games, Slingshot Braves, notched its first million downloads on April 2nd. I’ve played it just a little so far, but for a smartphone title the graphics are really great, and the slingshot controls (reminiscent of Mixi’s Monster Strike) are super fun as well. This is a pretty hot start considering that the title initially launched on Android on February 27, and just recently on iOS on March 29th.

For those who haven’t heard of Colopl, it’s because the company appears to not really care about its global business just yet, even though the company has games in English and is talking about other markets [1].

  1. They clearly understand gaming, but as for branding, Colopl has my personal nomination for the worst-named company ever. How the hell is an English-speaking person expected to pronounce ‘Colopl’? Seriously.  ↩