Bizer mitigates company registration paperwork, leveraging crowdsourced professionals

From BizGround’s Facebook page

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Tokyo-based startup BizGround launched a platform today called Bizer yesterday that will help people create documentation they may need to submit to governmental organizations. Starting with automating the creating process of company registration paperwork, they will add hundreds of different document formats to their menu.

Bizer lets users crowdsource documentation tasks to business consultants, such as certified tax accountants, labor consultants, notary publics, and judicial scriveners, for a flat monthly subscription fee of 2,980 yen (about $30). These accountants use their spare time and give advices to SME owners via the platform.

The service is suitable for startups or small companies because of the low price. Some users ask these participating consultants to provide a second opinion on the platform since they are more competent in the IT industry than typical average consulants.

The automated paperwork creator (literally translated), a new feature BizGround recently introduced, allows users to create company registration documents or social insurance applications. This document creation process is fully automated, so all you have to do is print and submit these outputs to notary publics, legal affairs bureaus, or tax offices.

BizGround fundraised hundreds of thousand dollars from Japanese investment firm Incubate Fund. Some 80,000 companies are newly registered every year in Japan, and BizGround aims to serve 10% of them in their registration process.