TheaterLive4u app showcases Japanese theatrical plays on mobile devices



This is a part of our coverage of B Dash Camp Fukuoka 2015.

Osaka-based Nextage, a startup that broadcasts theatrical plays online, launched the English version of a mobile app called TheaterLive4U earlier this month, enabling theatrical performance fans around the world to watch Japanese plays on mobile devices. The app features more than 200 titles performed by over 60 theatrical companies, and selected titles are provided with English subtitles.

The app is available for free on the iTunes AppStore and Google Play, but a flat fee starting at 980 yen ($8) per month will be charged to watch the plays. The revenue will be split 70:30 between a theatrical company and Nextage, which will give theatrical companies an additional revenue stream even after a show closes, helping struggling actors and actresses make a better living in show business.

At the B Dash Camp event in Fukuoka on Thursday, Nextage was chosen as one of 54 nominees from more than 100 applicants in the pitch competition, where CEO Manabu Fukui gave a great pitch to a crowd of investors and entrepreneurs.

Edited by Kurt Hanson

Manabu Fukui delivers a pitch at B Dash Camp 2015 Spring in Fukuoka, Pitch Arena competition.