Japan’s fashion coordination app Wear hits 2M downloads, aspires to be fashion infrastructure



Largely driven by heavy television promotion with a fun new commercial that began on March 19th, Wear (wear.jp), a fashion coordination app from Tokyo-based Start Today, has surpassed 2 million downloads. Start Today, is of course, the company behind Japanese mega fashion commerce site Zozotown. The app has been online for just five months, and its trajectory looks promising.

The recent commercial starts popular model Emi Suzuki, who is also one of Wear’s many prominent ‘Wearistas’ on the fashion platform (pictured above). In total there have been more than 400,000 fashion coordinations posted on Wear, with a current average of 10,000 posted per day.

Start Today stated in its announcement that it is shooting for five million domestic downloads, and it would be good to see global expansion follow after that. The company aspires to evolve Wear into a sort of infrastructural service in the fashion sector, an ambitious goal even for this Japanese fashion powerhouse.

Start Today (PDF)