Fun iPhone food cases lets you taste Japan’s fall flavors



Here in Japan, fall is a special season. It’s often described with the saying ‘Shokuyoku-no-aki’ (roughly translated as ‘fall for appetite’), a time when many ingredients including vegetables and fish can be enjoyed at their best. One Japanese company, Hamee, is bringing the special season to its series of iPhone cases, mimics food as plastic samples.

Here are a few fun iPhone 5 cases that are handcrafted here in Japan.


One fish eaten especially in the fall is Sanma, or Brevoort. Check out this iPhone 5 case with a very realistic and juicy piece of fish on top. It is available for 3,990 yen (about $41).


Negi (Japanese onion)

Negi is a magical ingredient that can make just about any food more tasty. For those who can’t get enough of it, you can always carry it with you on your iPhone. It is also available for 3,990 yen.



Unagi, or broiled eel, on top of rice is called Unajyu. The flavorful smell of cooked eel with charcoal fire is irresistible, luring us into restaurants this time of the year. This unagi iPhone case comes with rice, and on the back of the transparent case, the rice is visible, giving it a super authentic look. It is available over on Strapya for 3,990 yen.


Bacon & Egg

Another in this series to of plastic food sample iPhone case is bacon and egg.


Plastic food samples are very common in Japanese restaurants, to give customers a better idea of the food before they order. There is even an area in Tokyo called Kappabashi, where cooks can shop for cooking tools and order cooking samples that suit their menu.

These eye-catching iPhone food cases may not fulfill your appetite, but they’ll be sure to turn some heads.