Review: Vol.3 Engineer Breakthrough


We appreciate your attending our 3rd event titled Engineer Breakthrough that took place at KDDI Web Communications on Thursday, October 7th.


In addition to KDDI Web Communications providing the venue and sponsoring meals, Amazon Web Services(AWS) offered their complimentary credits that allow our attendees to try AWS cloud services for free.   Thank you for their giveaways.

We also wish to thank Noriyuki Yamazaki from Zero Start Communications who have moderated the panel and the nine system engineers who have joined it.

Needless to post our write-up, many of the attendees described the event on their blogs.

If your blog post describing the event is not listed above, kindly please ask us to add it.

Pictures shooting the scene can be found in the following Flickr slider.
(It is scrolled horizontally by sliding the bar.)

We will discuss having an another edition of this special programming in the near future.

BRIDGE Members

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