Announcing Donating Fees Collected At Our Events To Disaster Victims In Tohoku


What can we do right now?

As well as spreading words out and praying peace for the disaster victims, many people across Japan are thinking about what to do for helping them.

We launched this event to help many entrepreneurs start their business and revolutionize our community.

We have determined to donate some of admission fees collected at our upcoming events to the victims.  We are not a large team.  Individual efforts will not make big results.  But entrepreneurs have high potentials and passion for developing something new.

We believe in entrepreneurs’ potentials and keep acting to help the victims as long as we can. We will never forget what have happened today.  Restoration takes a long time.  But we will keep having events every month and doing something as much as we can.

We just started this campaign with donating by the event and its organizers. Admission fees collected at our events will be partially donated to the disaster restoration.
# We are planning to publish reports to disclose how much we collect and donate.

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